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PostSubject: Alliance   Thu 05 Mar 2009, 03:51

Hello I am Baltaar from Mutual Defense Federation. We are a small alliance in universe 43 and we are looking for at least one ally to further our common goals. (Also, it does no good having a state department without an ally. =/ ) I have gone through the recruiting forums and I believe this alliance to be well organized and strong. I would like to propose an alliance between The Foreign Legion and The Mutual Defense Federation. The grounds of this alliance include peace, defense, and trade. Please send a message to me (Baltaar) in universe 43 to negotiate any conditions you wish to propose.

Thank You, Baltaar
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PostSubject: Re: Alliance   Fri 06 Mar 2009, 00:17

At this point we have no need for an alliance so we're going to have to give you a straight no on that I'm afraid. We'll see how things develop and maybe we can spark up a friendship somewhere along the way Smile
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