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 Want to play EVE online free w/o restrictions for 7 weeks?

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PostWant to play EVE online free w/o restrictions for 7 weeks?

The time has come to give out the first 7-week long valid account without any trial limitation. Any interested PM me or post a reply here.

If more than one person declares interest, we'll have to have a draw. We only have one account to give away for now but in time more will come so don't worry because your time will surely come.

We'll open the application period now and hopefully have it closed by next week.

One important thing though: Apply only if you are sure you have the time to play in the next 2 months and a computer with the minimum requirements to run the game.

You can check the system requirements at

For more information about EVE Online:

The general EVE Online website:

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Want to play EVE online free w/o restrictions for 7 weeks? :: Comments

This will be closed on Sunday.
Another 7 week long account without any trial limitation is available until the 16th. Smile
We now have 2 more 7 week long accounts without any trial limitation, which will be available until the 16th.
7 weeks should be enough to be able to play for free from there on. If you aim at that from the start.

Making EVE Online (Almost) Free-to-Play

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Posted August 12th, 2009 by Savanja

Use your in game ISK to pay for your subscription!

During trying economic times, many players need to be as frugal as they can with their gaming cash. EVE Online
developed a unique system that actually allows players to game for
their subscription by using in game currency to purchase PLEX.
CCP dev Grimmi explains all about PLEX in this most recent dev blog.
There are also some charts and technical explanations which, has anyone
noticed that the EVE guys REALLY like charts and graphs?

Quote :
EVECitizen943 is in trouble. Money is tight and the missus is not
entirely on board with the whole idea of some of it being spent on a
silly thing like an awesome totally rockin' massively multiplayer
online role-playing game. "Ah, the memories. Look, there's my good old
trusty Marauder class Battleship, the Paladin. Laid down some serious
pwnage in that hawt piece of doom-machine. Too bad she's just sitting
there gathering simulated spacedust now since I'm driving that
Strategic Cruiser.
Hang on a minute... How about I offload that Paladin on some
hot-shot wannabe for heaps of ISK and then buy a few Pilot's License
Extensions (PLEX) and use them to extend my EVE subscription?"
Indeed. A PLEX can be bought via the in-game market for ISK and then applied to add 30 days of game time to your account.

Read all about PLEX, how you can use it and how it benefits the EVE economy (as well as your real life economy) by visiting this link!
Another 7 week thingy without the trial restrictions thingies and all that yada yada is available and will be so for the next 3 weeks (April 11th).

Want to play EVE online free w/o restrictions for 7 weeks?

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