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 Welcome to the Merging Alliances' Committee [Meracom]

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Merging Alliances' Committee [Meracom]   Wed 04 Nov 2009, 23:20

In this initial stage [Meracom] is an alliance of alliances. The sole purpose of [Meracom] is to pave the way for an eventual merge of the [Meracom] member alliances which will then adopt a new name.

Officialy the [Meracom] member alliances will eventually cease to exist for they will all be part of the new alliance. But in terms of internal organization each of the merging alliances will keep an exclusive section within what will be the new [Meracom] forum, allowing for each of the [Meracom] member alliances to continue existing informally.

What this means is that only matters that affect all of the alliance members will be sorted by the leaders of the member sub-alliances. And these matters include (but are not limited to) issues such as NAPs, wars, diplomacy and new members (both individual members and alliances).

The opening date for alliance applications to join [Meracom] will be announced at a later date. The first requirement for any alliance willing to be a part of [Meracom] will be willingness to drop the current alliance tag. However each applycant will have to meet a strict set of other criteria (TBA) and will be then need unanimous aproval of all other previously accepted [Meracom] member alliances.

For any enquiries:

- Contact "The Resistance" or "Vampy Rali" ingame.
- Post on the ForeL forum @
- Post on the ForeL blog @
- Send an e-mail to

Please note that questions posted on the Ogame Board likely won't be answered.
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Welcome to the Merging Alliances' Committee [Meracom]
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